Truly great, no more need to grow my nails long and people pointing at me saying I am ladyboy. A gift from heaven.


Another one 90′ kids will remember

We didn’t have all those new pad tablets fablets and whatever. We used old fashioned TV, someone else said: YOU THERE, LITTLE KID. THIIS IS WHAT YOU SHOULD BE WATCHING RIGHT NOW! Me: Ok Sir!

And..I watched it. Mainly because I was too lazy to find the remote for the TV, we lost it again.


Before iPad era

We used cookbooks in my time. Making cakes got my hands dirty like hell, but this is an awesome solution for if you don’t have a girlfriend and need to cook by yourself.. all by yourself..


No more scrubbing

You thought it was nearly impossible to clean right? So did I. But seems you don’t even have to do anything.


Keeping it organized

Use paint or other color material to keep things sorted. Nothing is more hurtful then losing time to find something.


Job Interview

Going to a Job Interview, willing to know how much you can earn without asking. Look at the kind of cars on the parking lot.