Original Best Man Gift Ideas

When you have finally knelt down on one knee and proposed to the girl of your dreams, you may think that the hard work is all over. True, you leave the dresses and the arrangements to your bride to be. All you have to do is choose your Best Man and he’ll do most of the work and assist you in whatever you have to do.

The rehearsal dinner is usually the time you give your Best Man his gift. Planning what to give your Best Man is probably the most difficult part of your job. You’d want that gift to be special and you want to be absolutely sure that he’ll like it. You have two roads ahead of you: the standard gift ideas and the unusual gift ideas.

Standard Best Man gift ideas include money clips, pub sets, shot glasses, mens cufflinks, china, mugs, book stoppers, figurines, paper weights and perhaps a pocket watch. These are easy to come by. All you have to do I engrave it to make it more personalized. You wouldn’t want to give him a pair of cufflinks just as is. He’ll feel that you bought your gift at the last minute in a rush. If ever you choose to give your Best Man something standard and not too expensive, make sure you engrave them to make them have that monogrammed look.

For something unorthodox and original, we present many quirky gift ideas. Your Best Man is probably the closest person to you and you probably joke around each other. You can give your Best Man a caricature. It will be fun to see the look on his face as he sees the exaggerated drawing of himself. You can also give him tickets to a concert or to an all expense paid trip to another country. You may also give him reservations to his favorite restaurant and such.

Whatever road you choose to take, make sure it comes from your heart and it wasn’t just chosen out of time pressure. Take time to think of the perfect gift to give your Best Man.